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PDF-DokumentOctober 2023

HIWEPA AG once again entrusted with the auction of historical shares and bonds from the former Reichsbank treasury.

PDF-Dokument 27.07.2020

PDF-DokumentTürkçe versiyon

HIWEPA AG mit der Versteigerung historischer Aktien und Anleihen aus dem Osmanischen Reich beauftragt. (German and Turkish)


PDF-Dokument 13.10.2019

Auktionsbericht zur 37. Auktion (chinesische Wertpapiere) und 38. Auktion am 12.10.2019. (German only)


HIWEPA versteigert chinesische Wertpapiere aus dem Bestand der Reichsbank. 
(German only)

PDF-Dokument 02.06.2019

Medienmitteilung zur Übergabe des Journalistenpreises «Historische Wertpapiere und Finanzgeschichte». (German only)

Collectors' Tips is the website of Hans-Georg Glasemann – specialist author and expert for historical securities.
In addition to current and interesting information on historical securities, you will find many exciting stories and a link to his blog. 

(German only)

«Art on Historical Securities»

Art on shares is the focus of collector Jürgen Weritz from Bochum.

He has already compiled a lot of useful information on this subject:

PDF-DokumentListing of artists who have designed securities.

PDF-DokumentSecurities from the printing house «Imprimerie G. Richard, Paris».

PDF-DokumentList of abbreviations

If you own particularly artistically designed securities or have information about artists and graphic designers, please contact Mr. Weritz:

Jürgen Weritz

Klinikstraße 10a · D-44791 Bochum
contact by Email 

Websites / Blogs about Historical Securities

Website worth to be read with a lot of history and stories about historical securities by the longtime collector Enrico Ghidelli.


Dieter Engel has compiled a lot of interesting information on the subject of "Maritime Historical Securities". A treasure trove for all sea dogs!



Always a good read: Franky Leeuwerck's blog! 

Franky's Scripophily BlogSpot

Historical Securities on Facebook

Facebook page for Collectors:

Rares für Bares


Facebook page with selected copies of the former HP-Magazin:

HP-Magazin für Historische Wertpapiere

Interesting facebook page relating to «Art on historical securities»



What would Switzerland be without its pioneers? The work of remarkable personalities from business, industry and technology has helped Switzerland to achieve success and prosperity. The association has made it its task to bring these pioneers to the attention of a broad public. The focus lies on their creative spirit and their willingness to take risks, but also on their entrepreneurial actions. More than 100 publications have already been issued since 1950.

(Website in German only)



The Orell Füssli publishing house celebrated its 500th anniversary in 2019. The commemorative publication "500 Years of Printing" contains an interesting chapter on securities and security features with beautiful illustrations. The online version can be accessed here: Chapter Securities

The book with a more detailed text and many other exciting contributions can be ordered directly from Orell Füssli: Orell Füssli Publishers

(Book in German only)



Manfred Rösch's column "Nonvaleur", which was awarded the Journalist Prize for Historical Securities and Financial History in 2019, appears in Finanz und Wirtschaft at irregular intervals. A list of the articles published so far can be found here.

(German only) was founded in 2014 as an independent platform for SMEs and investors with a focus on Swiss public limited companies.

The blog site regularly publishes reports, interviews and commentaries on Swiss listed and non-listed companies. The platform also includes networking events such as industry talks and workshops for enterprises.

(German only)


Every month, the Nebenwerte Journal reports exclusively on small-cap stocks. The emphasis lies on fundamental analysis. The reporting spectrum even includes unlisted stocks. The focus of these analyses is on the shareholders of German small caps.

(German only)


«Scripophile» articles in various publications (German only)

Berner Zeitung 04.09.2012: Aktien erzählen Wirtschaftsgeschichte

Berner Zeitung 25.01.2013: «Das ist faszinierende Wirtschaftsgeschichte»

Welt 19.01.2018: Alt-Aktien können viel Geld bringen

Aargauer Zeitung 17.05.2019: Richter Thurnherr in Absurdistan – veruntreute der Pensionär Wertpapiere für 8,5 Milliarden?

money trend Ausgaben 7/8 und 10 2019: Sowjetische Obligationen 1922-1991



Interesting videos about Swiss mountain railroads by Horst Klophaus

NEW: Gurtenbahn




Mit der Jungfraubahn ins Winterland

Ballenberg Dampfbahn


Rares für Bares on Youtube:



Beitrag von regiotvplus zur Einweihung des neuen HIWEPA-Geschäftssitzes in Arlesheim

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